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Make a Mark Project
Packaging Design

Make A Mark x Yummy Stories

In a world that often values conformity and perfection above all else,
our conviction to redefine luxury is a passionate call to celebrate
the beauty of imperfection and individuality. Renaissance is Yummy Stories contribution to the Make a Mark Project 2023 as one of 20 leading international packaging design agencies. This concept will be presented for the first time at Luxe Pack in Monaco.

Make A Mark x Yummy Stories

At Yummy Stories, we
believe true luxury is not found in sameness but in the unique and
often unpredictable nuances of the world around us. Rules or laws
can’t limit it. That’s why we took a bottle of Estal that was rejected
by the norms of the industry for its natural imperfections and turned
it into something truly remarkable.



MAKE A MARK x Yummy Stories

Yummy Stories embraced the stripes and dots in the glass, resulting
from the transition of two colors, giving each bottle a unique and
distinctive character. Each bottle became a work of art, with its own
distinct markings that could never be replicated.
We up-cycled the label of a fictitious brand, giving new life to an
existing product while still paying homage to its heritage and roots.
The old and new melded together, creating a product that was not
only luxurious but also meaningful.
The concept is an alcohol-free sparkling that shares known habits
from the old world of drinking while showing the reality of modern
days. It’s not a revolution because we reuse what we have and
thought beyond. A seed that grows on our existing ground. The renaissance of luxury. All materials were chosen carefully as Yummy Stories challenged
ourselves and the great partners to push beyond the boundaries of
what was possible. The refining of the label has so many layers and
needs a lot of attention on every tiny detail—a truly artisan and
manufactured product. Something that wasn’t just aesthetically
pleasing but emotionally resonant and made out of existing
materials. A product that would make people stop, think, and feel
At the heart of it all, our ultimate approach fosters a world valuing
individuality, environmental concern, celebrating imperfections, and
discovering beauty in the unforeseen.




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